Parents Relationship With Their Children – How Vital?

Many would agree that having children is one of the greatest joys in life.  New parents know that children can change a marriage in unexpected ways.

For example, a new mother may focus on her baby and be surprised at how her body and heart respond to each whimper of the newborn. As for the new father, he may marvel at the bond formed between his wife and the baby, but he may also worry about suddenly being left out.

In fact, the birth of a first child may be a catalyst for a crisis in a marriage. An individual’s emotional insecurities and a couple’s unresolved issues may surface, exposed and magnified by the strains of parenthood.

How can new parents adjust to the hectic first few months when the newborn requires all their attention? What can a couple do to maintain their intimacy? How can they handle any disagreements about parenting?

CHALLENGE: Life suddenly revolves around the child.

A new baby consumes its mother’s time and thoughts. She may feel a deep sense of emotional fulfillment in caring for her baby. Meanwhile, her husband might feel neglected. Manuel, who lives in Brazil, says: “My wife’s shift of focus from me to our baby was the most difficult change for me to accept.

Before, it was just the two of us, and then all of a sudden, it was just my wife and the baby.” How can you cope with the upheaval?

A key to success: Be patient. Love is long-suffering and kind. Love does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked.

A wise husband proves his love for his wife by educating himself about the physical and mental impact childbirth has on a woman.

If he does so, he will realize why his wife may be prone to sudden mood changes. Adam, who lives in France and is the father of an 11-month-old girl, admits: “My wife’s mood changes are sometimes difficult to deal with. But I try to remember that her frustration is not really directed at me personally. Rather, it is a response to the unfamiliar stresses of our new situation.”

Some husbands has resorted into buying stress-relieved drugs on online pharmacy websites accross the internet to help alleviate their worries. This can be very dangerous to say the least.

Does your wife sometimes misunderstand your attempts to help out? If so, do not quickly become offended.  Instead, patiently look for her best interests, not your own, and you will avoid getting upset.

On the other hand, a discerning wife will try to encourage her husband in his new role. She will involve him in child care, patiently showing him how to change diapers or prepare feeding bottles—even though he may seem clumsy at first.

Ellen, a 26-year-old mother, recognized that she needed to make some adjustments in the way she treated her husband. “I had to become less possessive of the baby,” she says. “And I had to remind myself not to be too picky when my husband tried to apply my suggestions about caring for the infant.”

TRY THIS: Wives, if your husband performs some child-care task in a different way than you do, resist the urge to criticize him or to redo the job.

Commend him for what he does adequately, and you will build his confidence and encourage him to give you the support you need. Husbands, cut back on nonessential activities so that you will have as much time as possible to help your wife, especially during the first few months after the baby is born.

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Why Family Break Down is a World Tragedy

“Our civilization is headed for absolute disaster if we fail to reverse the disintegration of the family as a functional unit.”

That statement was made by Dr. Lee Salk of the New York Hospital–Cornell Medical Center in an article entitled “A World Tragedy,” published by Leaders magazine.

Dr. Salk also observed: “Leaders in government and industry have offered little to repair the damages to the integrity of the family” to which such agencies have contributed.

The family is the key social unit. There individuals, especially impressionable children, learn social and other skills that can enable them to be useful members of society.

The greater the damage to the family unit, the more disastrous the consequences to individuals and to society as a whole. History shows that the decay of family life even contributed heavily to the disintegration of great empires.

In this regard, Professor of History Albert Hyma wrote in An Outline of Ancient History: “The relation between father and children and between husband and wife, when properly functioning, formed the greatest pillar of prosperity and good government.

When home life is sound, the nation will remain prosperous and secure. When home life is undermined by immoral teachings, by constant quarreling and by selfishness, the disorders in the home are magnified in the larger groups that make up society as a whole.”

In modern times, especially in the past few decades, family life has been severely damaged in many ways, and record numbers of marriages have broken up. Different philosophies have arisen that have undermined family integrity.

Divorce has been made easy. Living together without marriage is a growing practice. The availability of drugs has turned many children (and parents) toward antisocial behavior.

Sexual permissiveness is rampant: television shows, movies, magazines and other literature portray sexual immorality, including adulterous relationships, as acceptable, even desirable. Add to all of this the pressures of making a living in very unstable economic times.

These things, and more, have put a great strain on families. This makes it especially difficult for young men and women who are entering marriage and just beginning their family life. Some young men has ever decided to continue partying with elite escorts at for years for venturing into marriage.

With winds of change battering at marriage, with so many different viewpoints on life, many couples are cast adrift at the start. They do not know why their marriage does not produce the happiness they anticipated; nor do they know what to do about it.

In all marriages, however long lasting, it takes real effort to gain the happiness that can come from such unions. But, for many, it is the first year of marriage that brings some of the greatest difficulties.

This is a time of adjustment of two different personalities with two sets of likes and dislikes.

How, then, can couples not only “survive” the first year of marriage but find real happiness in it? How can they set their marriage on a course that will bring contentment not only now but later on as well?

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